Lost Keys Return Service

Safe and Secure



ID your keys without your name or address.

Attach a Lost Keys Return tag to your key ring.


Lost Key Return Service Term
Number of Tags

Peace of Mind is Only Pennies a Day



Avoid letting your lost keys fall into the deep black hole of "found" keys.  Found keys often end up back of a stranger's drawer for lack of knowing what else to do with them.

Lost keys can be a stressful nightmare to the owner.  And replacing locks and keys can cost hundreds of dollars.
Found keys are troublesome to the finder, who has no way to return them.  With Lost Keys Return Service,  the keys are easily returned by the finder and the owner can remain secure in knowing that the finder has no knowledge of his name or address.
There is no inconvenience or stress for the owner, and it is so convenient for the finder to simply drop the keys in the mailbox.
Safe, Reliable, Overnight Service


How the Service Works


The finder of your lost keys has only to drop them in the mailbox for their safe return.  It is just like returning forgotten hotel keys.
The post office delivers your keys to Lost Keys Return in MN.  The pay the postage due.
Lost Keys Return will notify you as soon as the keys are received.  The notification will be sooner if the finder calls before dropping your keys in the mailbox.
A $25 reward is paid by Lost Keys Return  to the finder for the returned keys.  For the reward the finder calls the phone number on your numbered tag.
Lost Keys Return will send your keys overnight delivery, postage paid.
For those who lose their keys more than once, there is a reactivation fee to resume the service after the second return.

Personal Registered Number and Reward for Return



With your enrollment, you will be issued a numbered tag for your key ring.  This number will be registered to you.  Lost Keys Return will use this number to identify your found keys and return them to you.

This side of the tag also had Lost Keys Return 800 number for finders to call to claim their $25 reward. The reverse side of the tag has the address of the Lost Keys Return

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